5 Instagram-worthy Tree House Hotels that you should consider on your next travel abroad

Hotels are very common now and you can find it almost everywhere. You can choose your desired hotel according to your needs, satisfaction, comfort and budget. Since there are a lot of choices, why not dare to try a different one? Ever dreamt of sleeping in a tree house before when you were just a kid but you don’t own one? You can now make it happen by staying in a tree house themed hotels that are worth your penny.

I recently stumbled upon an article listing some of the best Tree House Hotels around the World. This inspired me to make my own list. Here’s my list of some Instagram worthy tree house hotels that you should consider on your next travel abroad.

1. Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

Experience sleeping in a tree with comfort because it is what you deserve. With Bangkok Tree House, you can swim in a natural pond giving you the best warm feeling. Or you can try showering alfresco under the moonlight with water heated by sunlight and share the view of the river with white cranes and blue kingfishers. If you love cooking, you can also take their carbon-free cooking class for a change.

2. Hapuku Lodge + Tree House, New Zealand

If you want an instant escape to the city, well guess what, they got your back! Hapuku Lodge + Tree House is a contemporary country hotel located on a deer breeding farm in the South Island of New Zealand. It sits snugly at the base of Kaikoura’s rugged coastline, a place for you to relax in its intimate indoor and outdoor setting and a place from which you can explore the larger maritime landscape of Kaikoura.

3. Treehouse Point, USA

Treehouse Point offers rooms that are located in the middle of the river, on top of a tree just like what you see in the movies. Rooms are safe, the security of the whole place is high, so you can ensure your safety while having your dream vacation. Aside from renting a room overnight, they also offers accommodation for corporate meetings, wedding reception, birthdays or any other events that you would like to celebrate with them. From engagement to weddings, Treehouse Point is a romantic spot for your celebration. Choose a spot on the river, reserve a Pond Room, or stay overnight for your special event. Whether your goal is a quiet getaway for two or a life celebration with friends and family, the Treehouse Point is a lifesaver.

4. Kulturinsel Baumhaushotel, Germany

Experience the Turisedian history and its astonishing surroundings with Kulturinsel Baumhaushotel. They offer luxurious tree house hotel that is said to be the first to offer it in Germany. Or if you feel like a little adventurous, you can try the traditional tree house camp where breathtaking nights are waiting for you. In additional, if you are bored with the same cold winter, you can avail their selected tree top houses that are heated where you can experience a cuddly adventure night with a view over the snow-capped meadows of the river Neisse and Kulturinsel even it is winter.

5. Playa Viva Treehouse, Mexico

Room is located in palm trees as living “piers” raised 6 feet above the ground. Just right to see the beauty of the nature as you wake up early in the morning by the sunlight kissing your cheeks. Room is outfitted with a soft and comfortable king size bed, picturesque view of the ocean, and a small lounge area with in-floor hammock. Who would not love to stay in a tree house by the ocean? It’s a win-win for a nature and ocean lover. Unlike other tree houses, they offer wifi where you can instantly upload your instagram worthy pictures of the hotel as well as for your OOTDs like these harem pants women love. They also have a yoga session. Well, I guess a warm, calming fresh air above the tree is the best yoga experience.

These are only few of the best instagram worthy tree house hotels around the world but rest assured that all those five hotels listed are worth visiting. What are you waiting for? Dare to try different and live no fear as you try sleeping in the middle of the forest with comfort.

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