CARMEN’S BEST, “The Ice Cream That Pleased Pope Francis”

I didn’t know about Carmen’s Best Ice Cream not until it was featured after the Papal Visit in Manila last January 2015. In an article by, it was reported that it is “the ice cream that pleased the Pope.” Carmen’s Best ice cream were brought on board the papal plane that flew Pope Francis back to Rome after his papal visit from the Philippines. In fact, Pope Francis finished two servings of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, the Pistachio and Brown Butter Almond Brittle flavors.

How Much is Carmen’s Best Ice Cream?

During my recent visit in Lipa City, I got to try this artisanal ice cream. A small tub of Carmen’s Best ice cream costs 450 pesos! For its size, this could be the most expensive ice cream I’ve bought. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s really worth it!

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Flavors

– Salted Caramel
– Malted Milk
– Butter Pecan
– Brazilian Coffee

– Green Tea
– Brown Butter with Almond Brittle
– Coffee Almond Fudge
– Eggnog
– Spanish Turron
– Pistachio
– Pistachio Almond Fudge
– Pralines and Cream
– Kahlua Coffee
– Any flavor using coco sugar instead of pure cane sugar

– Avocado
– Butterscotch Pecan
– Cereal Milk
– Cheese
– Coconut
– Cookie Dough
– Cookies & Cream
– Dark Chocolate
– Hazelnut Fudge
– Hokey Pokey
– Honey
– Madagascar Vanilla
– Maple Walnut
– Milk Chocolate
– Rocky Road
– Strawberry
– Tres Leches
– Ube

Source: Carmen’s Best Facebook Page

Where to Buy Carmen’s Best Ice Cream?

It is available in Metro Manila and some areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For the full list of stores where you could buy Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, click HERE.

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

Contact Numbers: (02) 8092042 or 0916-6235956

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