10 Disappointing Photos Of Gumasa Beach in Sarangani Province (Maybe, These Are Enough Reasons To Think Twice Before Going There)

I traveled with my friends to Sarangani Province and visited one of its most popular tourist destinations – Gumasa Beach in the town of Glan. I really have high expectations about this beach because of the photos I saw in the internet. Long shoreline with fine white sand and azure blue waters, that’s how I imagined Gumasa Beach is. But to my surprise, it was not how I expected it to be. Really? This is Gumasa Beach? I am disappointed.

Here are 10 photos of Gumasa Beach that will disappoint you:

1. Dirty shoreline of Gumasa Beach

2. A lot of debris on the shore

3. What are those?

4. More dirt can be seen

5. The water is also not clean as I expected it to be

6. Pile of debris in front of the resorts

7. This is the cleaner part of the beach

8. Don’t dare to walk barefooted with these dirt

9. Some parts are a bit clean

10. But most of the shoreline is not šŸ™

Why Gumasa Beach Is Dirty When We Were There?

Unfortunately, we came here at a wrong time. According to the locals, it rained hard the day before we arrived, that’s the reason why there were so many debris and garbage on the beach. Haizt!

Gumasa Beach Still A Lot Better Than The Other Beaches In The Philippines

Anyway, if you walk along the beach, you could still find a good spot where there are lesser dirt. That’s where we enjoyed our time basking under the sun. Hey! This is still a lot better than the other beaches in the Philippines!

And oh, tourist police are everywhere! They are super nice and very accommodating to have a photo taken with us!

I’m Definitely Coming Back!

I must say, Gumasa Beach is really nice, wrong timing lang talaga kami. Hahaha! As we walk barefooted along the cleaner parts of Gumasa beach’s long sandy shoreline, I could feel the fine sand on my feet. It’s so soft that my feet leaves a mark with every step. The sand is like Boracay’s station 3 or even better. I will definitely come back! Maybe summer would be the best time.

Despite the disappointment, we still had an awesome time just hanging around and enjoying the sights.

More Photos of Gumasa Beach

How to Get to Gumasa Beach?

From General Santos City, take a tricycle to KCC Mall of GenSan, fare is around PHP 10.00 each. You can find the terminal of vans going to Glan, Sarangani at the left side of the mall. There is no fix schedule but as long as the van is full, it will leave. Fare from Gensan to Glan, is around PHP 85.00 pesos each and travel time is about an hour.

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