Quezon – Kwebang Lampas Beach in Pagbilao Quezon – October 24, 2010

After filling ourselves with a great lunch at Vista Playa Restaurant, we decided to continue our Beach Bumming Adventure. We took a bus bound for Lucena and asked the bus conductor to drop us at Brgy. Polo crossing.

Bus ride from Padre Burgos to Brgy. Polo in Pagbilao

Brgy. Polo Crossing

From there, we asked a tricyle driver to bring us to Kwebang Lampas. He was charging 300 pesos for a one-way trip to the beach. It’s okay with us. But since a lady asked us if she could go with us in the tricycle because her house is along the way and she’s willing to share 100 pesos for the rent of the tricyle, we agreed right away. At least makakatipid kami.

The tricycle ride is 15 KM from the crossing to the Kwebang Lampas. (Mahaba ang 15 KM ah… LRT 1, from Baclaran to Monumento is 15 KM). At the checkpoint, someone asked us to pay 25 pesos for the entrance of the tricyle and 10 pesos for the two of us. Okay. So we paid. Go! Hehehe!!!

The ride seems so endless, pero pag nakita nyo na yung tower ng Pagbilao Power Station, malapit na yun. Hehehe!!!

Pagbilao Power Plant

After a few meters, ayun, di na kinaya ng tricyle namin at na-flat ang gulong. Hahaha!!! Mabigat much ba kami? Di naman noh! Hehehe!!! So sabi ng driver, 150 pesos nalang daw ang ibayad namin since di na nya kami maihahatid sa mismong gate ng Kwebang Lampas. Okay, nakatipid na naman kami ng 50 pesos. Hehehe!!!

picture pa din kami kahit na-flatan na si Kuya… Hahaha!!!

So, naglakad nalang kami, mga 1 KM din siguro yung nilakad namin, under the scorching heat of the sun. Pero okay lang. We’re just hoping it’s worth all the hardships na marating namin ang beach na ito ha. Hehehe!!!

When we saw the gate of Kwebang Lampas, akala namin ‘eto na yun. Hindi pa pala. We asked someone from the house on how to get to Kwebang Lampas. Sabi ni Kuya, we have two options, maglakad or sumakay ng boat for 35 pesos each (one-way). Since pagod na kami, we opted to take the boat.

Two rides pala ang boat na ito. First is crossing the mangroves.

Second is, you will be transferred to the 2nd boat which will bring you directly to the Kwebang Lampas’ shoreline. Walang life vest! Adventure nga ito! Sige lang!!!

The view of Kwebang Lampas from the boat is breath-taking. Ang ganda pala talaga ng beach na ito. Di nasayang ang efforts namin na pumunta dito. It perfectly matches my assumption on how a white sand beach in Quezon Province would look like. The sand was shimmering and glittery. The shoreline is also dotted with towering coconut trees with some cottages ready for use.

We paid the very accomodating caretakers 100 pesos for our entrance fees (50 pesos each) and started to explore and swim in the beach. Sabi nga ni Benj, Refreshing…! =D

Benj, with the caretakers and our boatman with his kid

We also went inside the cave to take pictures. You can also take a dip inside the cave as the water is coming inside. It is just disappointing that some stalactites and stalagmites were already gone. Haizt! Anyway, we enjoyed a lot in the clear waters and the fine sand of the beach. It was picture perfect!

We only spent a few hours there as we still need to be back in Lucena by night. They also don’t allow overnight in the beach so we really need to get going.

The boatman and his kid brought us back to the gate of Kwebang Lampas, where we were fetched by a tricyle that I contacted thru the lady who went with us in the tricycle. The driver charged us 350 pesos and brought us back to Brgy. Polo crossing.

@Brgy Polo Bus Stop

We had dinner in Lucena and got back in Manila the following day.

Thanks to Benj for this great beach bumming experience.

Special thanks to The Pinay Solo Backpacker and to Pinay Travel Junkie, their blog posts have been of great help to us in making it to Borawan, Dampalitan and Kwebang Lampas beaches.

Summary of expenses per person:
Bus Fare (Padre Burgos-Pagbilao) – Php 15.00
Tricyle Rental (Brgy. Polo Crossing – Kwebang Lampas) – Php 75.00
Entrance Fee sa Checkpoint (Guest) – Php 5.00
Entrance Fee sa Checkpoint (Tricycle) – Php 25.00
Boat Ride (Jump-off point – Kwebang Lampas)*Php 35.00
Entrance Fee to Kwebang Lampas – Php 50.00
Boat Ride (Kwebang Lampas – Jump-off point)*Php 35.00
Tricyle Rental (Kwebang Lampas – Brgy. Polo Crossing) – Php 175.00
Bus Fare (Brgy. Polo Crossing – Lucena Grand Terminal) – Php 15.00
Dinner – Php 100.00
Bus Fare (Lucena – Manila) – Php 250.00
TOTAL – Php 780.00

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